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News Flash: 3rd Bald Eagle Captured in New York

March 16, 1998
This unscheduled report brings news about some exciting developments in Peter Nye's study. Read on!

"No birds moving yet," reports Jim Watson from Washington. However, keep your eyes on Canadian weather maps--these eagles could move any day.

Latest Satellite Migration Data
Here's the latest data from both the EASTERN & WESTERN eagle studies. Depending on decisions made by our eagles, we may provide weekly migration updates over the next few weeks, so you'll have the most current migration data.



To: Journey North
From: Peter Nye

March 10, 1998

Dear Students,
We scored again here in New York today! Our cracker-jack West Point capture team (James Paolino and Eric Lind) caught another beautiful adult this morning along the lower Hudson River, now our third for the season. This one is a male, other two are females. #F44 was captured on our deer carcass using a "rocket net" at 10:00 EST.

I was 4 hours away at a meeting, but arranged to drive home Tuesday night to process the bird. We got done outfitting it with its bands and satellite radio, taking a variety of measurements and drawing some blood, at 23:30. Then I went into my office to spin down the blood and separate the serum while fresh, and popped it into the freezer for later chemical contaminant analyses.

We're very excited about these blood samples we've gotten this year (our first from Hudson River wintering eagles), as well as the information we'll be gleaning from tracking these three birds, both locally and on migration. We are speculating if we caught F44 on his way north, and whether he'll keep right on going when released tomorrow morning or stay around for a while.

We had a sudden blast of winter back here today; very cold and blizzard. This could keep the birds from moving if it stays over us. Capture efforts are winding down here now, although we'll still have two teams operating for at least another week.

Happily, #F43 continues to move; glad she didn't stay at the Quabbin Reservoir in MA; appears she will be heading further north. She is now in south-central New Hampshire near a large reservoir called Hopkinton-Everett.

That's it for now from NY.

Peter E. Nye
New York State Dept. Environmental Conservation
Delmar, NY

The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update will Be Posted on March 23, 1998.

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