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Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 23, 1998

Today's Report Contains

Latest Satellite Migration Data
So that you'll have the most current migration data, we may provide weekly migration updates over the next few weeks. Visit the Bald Eagle Home Page regularly.

Latest Travels of Eastern Eagles
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Field Notes from Biologist Peter Nye
Here's the latest news from New York. Will these eagles continue to migrate or are they already on their nests? Nye summarizes the whereabouts of each of his eagles below, then asks you to consider the questions that are running through his mind right now.

To: Journey North
From: Peter Nye

Hi Kids,
Adult F42 appears to still be in the lower Hudson River vicinity, regularly a bit east of the river on a series of major reservoirs there.

#F43 moved out of the lower Hudson capture area in early March, along a northeast track that took her to just over the Maine border into New Brunswick. She is apparently near a lake called Oromocto. She first hit this area on 14 March, a couple of weeks after she first left. This area is only about 30 miles from the coast, along some large river systems, so well could have open water now.

Challenge Question #7
"Is this F43's nest site, or will she move again? What do you think & why?"

(To respond to this question, please follow the instructions at the end of this report.)

#F44, like #F42, appears to be hanging tight around the lower Hudson
capture area, as of 20 March. What does this mean? We face that age-old dilema now with these two birds as we have with birds in past years:

  • Are #F42 & #F44 local nesters or will they still migrate?
  • How do you think we can tell?

(Hint: When do birds in this area of NY begin nesting?) We are still surveying and seeing wintering birds along the lower Hudson (as of 16 March). I suspect, however, that any winter birds will be leaving the area by the end of the month. We just got about 6" of snow throughout the valley Saturday night, which might keep birds here a few days longer.

That's all for now from NY.

Peter E. Nye
New York State Dept. Environmental Conservation
Delmar, NY

Field Notes from Biologist Jim Watson
Anticipation is building as we wait for these eagles to take off...Hoping they might fly over the weekend, we waited for the latest news from Jim Watson. Here's what he wrote this morning.

To: Journey North
From: Jim Watson

No major movements yet...The new records for #12 show she'd moved inland, but those for #13 just a few minutes ago suggest he moved up the river slightly. Unfortunately, I didn't hear from #05 on time (she should be coming on every 5th day now, so don't know what her status is).

In regard to when the birds will leave, my guess is that #05 may already be moving, and #16 will likely go by early this week. Since #05 is a breeder, and she departed on 3/15 last year, she is probably going if she is not gone already. This is based on my observation that other breeders in the satellite work we've done have departed within 3 or 4 days in consecutive years. Since #16 is a non-breeder, or at least was last year, his departure time may be variable around last year's date of 3/24."
Same Time, Same Place?
We've included last spring's data for eagles #05 and #16 below. How do their migrations compare so far?

Challenge Question #8
"Where was eagle #05 last year at this time (on 3/24/97)? How about eagle #16? In what state or province was each eagle located? Also give the name of the nearest town. By what date had the migration of each eagle begun?"

How to Respond to Today's Challenge Questions

Please answer only ONE question in each e-mail message.

1. Address an e-mail message to:

2. In the Subject Line of your message write: Challenge Question # 7 (or #8)

3. In the body of EACH message, answer ONE of today's questions.

The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update will Be Posted on April 6, 1998.

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