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WESTERN Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 13, 1998

Latest Travels of Western Eagles
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"Eagle #05 has left southeast Alaska--and is halfway back to her territory across northern British Columbia," Jim Watson reported last evening. And as you'll see below, Eagle #13 has finally taken off--at last! (Watson will hear from Eagle #12 mid-week, and we'll know whether she's left Washington as well.)

Latest Satellite Migration Data

For 2 of our eagles, LAST YEAR'S migration data is also included. Consider these questions in the light of the latest data.

  • To date, how have the timing and route of Eagle #05's migration compared each year?
  • How have the timing and route of Eagle #16's trips from year to year compared?
  • How many miles did #13 fly between April 2 and April 8? Because he left so much later than the other 2 birds, do you think he'll travel further north? (See discussion in today's report for Eastern Eagles.)
  • And of course, Challenge Question #10

Challenge Question #10: Guess the Nest
Where do you think our WESTERN eagles' nests are located? Be sure to give the exact latitude and longitude for each eagle's nest.


Lat (N)

Long (W)


How to Respond to Today's Challenge Question

1. Address an e-mail message to:

2. In the Subject Line of your message write: Challenge Question # 10

3. In the body of your message, answer today's question.

The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update will Be Posted on April 20, 1998.

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