Signs of Spring Everywhere
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Signs of Spring Everywhere

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Illustrated by
Tara Trashler

Welcome to Journey North, 2001. Over the centuries, winter-worn people have turned to the groundhog each February, hoping he'd predict an early spring. We begin Journey North each year on Groundhog's Day so that we can share signs that spring is truly on its way--and give the groundhog a well-deserved break.

The groundhog now has a WWW site of his own. Check when he predicts spring will arrive, then join us as we track spring's journey across the Hemisphere.

Special thanks to Mr. Murray's 7th Grade Class of 1998 in Streetsville, Ontario for preparing this report. In the spirit of springtime--life, renewal and regneration-- they dedicate their hard work to 2 loved classmates whose lives ended in that winter.

Can the Groundhog Truly Predict Spring's Arrival?
Read Student
Predictions and Opinions
Illustration by Alex C.

Mr. Murray's 7th Grade Class
Dolphin Senior Public School
Streetsville, Ontario Canada
(Meet the class of 2003!)

By Nic S.
For the past three weeks our class has been working and working on this project about Groundhogs.

  • One group of students phoned and wrote letters to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (the home of Punxsutawney Phil) asking them questions about what Groundhog day is really like there. Link to Punxsutawney Interview
  • Another group phoned and wrote letters to a school in Wiarton, Ontario (the home of Wiarton Willy) and asked them what Groundhog day is like there. Link to Wiarton Interview
  • Another group researched the History of Groundhog Day, why it's on February 2, why it's a Groundhog.
  • Another group researched the Natural History of Groundhogs--their size, weight, appearance, what they eat, where they live.
  • One group drew maps and drawings of Groundhogs for the other groups. The last group took pictures of the school and of the class for the web site.

Now is the day when all of our work is put together on the Internet, not just for our teacher to see and give us each an "A" or a "B", but for the whole world to see and tell us what they think!

We'd love to hear from you! Please send your comments:

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