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Gray Whale

Gray Whale Migration Update: May 6, 1998

Today's Update Includes:

Latest Migration News

Most of the gray whales have now passed by Channel Islands off Santa Barbara, so the gray whale sightings should start to taper off. But, in the meantime, humpbacks, blue whales and dolphins are now being seen there too.

In the Bering Sea, the gray whales are moving even further north, and many mother/calf pairs are on their way too. Also, more signs of spring are appearing in Kodiak each day!

Northbound Migration Tapers Off At Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

To: Journey North
From: Laura Gorodezky

May 2, 1998

Greetings Journey North!

The bulk of the population has passed Santa Barbara on their journey north to the cold waters off Alaska, so we should now begin to see gray whale sightings start to taper off a bit. However, we have still had a busy few weeks of whale sightings.

For a full listing of the gray whale migration sightings and more, including the first blue whale of the season, go to:

Laura Gorodezky,
Education Coordinator,

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Alaska Gray Whales Move Further North In The Bering Sea

To: Journey North
From: Susan Payne

May 1, 1998
May Day is a good day to write about migration. This week I am writing my report early, as tomorrow we will take a quick trip by ferry to Homer, Alaska. Maybe I'll see some gray whales on that trip; we will cross the migration path. In the meantime, the gray whales have migrated even further north in the Bering Sea, and many mother/calf pairs have been seen moving north along Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

To see a full listing of the gray whale migration sightings and more, including another orca attack, go to:

Signs of Spring From Kodiak Alaska

Today is May Day, my favorite holiday! Sunrise on May 1 is at 0519 and sunset is 2055, 15 hours and 36 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

The salmonberry flowers are now starting to bloom everywhere; I see single flowers open here and there. I have now seen confirmed bear tracks on three different mountains between our home and work. This morning we saw several rabbits by the side of the road and they are almost completely brown now.

Two weeks ago when I came home after writing my report, my husband told me he had seen salmon fry in a small bay near our home. We get excited about this since we are salmon fishers in the summer. Sometime in the next two weeks the Artic Terns will be arriving in our bay where they nest on a small rock island.

Susan Payne
National Marine Fisheries Service
Kodiak, Alaska

The FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update will Be Posted on May 20, 1998.

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