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Gray Whale

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Journey North News

  • FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update: May 20, 1998
    As the ice melts in the northern waters of Alaska, more Gray Whales are sighted in these areas each day. Meanwhile to the south, Gray Whales continue to be sighted all along the migration route from California to Alaska! Click on the locations in today's map, and get all the information on these sightings! Plus, get the latest Signs of Spring from Kodiak, Alaska.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: May 6, 1998
    Most of the gray whales have now passed by Channel Islands off Santa Barbara, so the gray whale sightings should start to taper off. But, in the meantime, humpbacks, blue whales and dolphins are now being seen there too. In the Bering Sea, the gray whales are moving even further north, and many mother/calf pairs are on their way too. Also, more signs of spring are appearing in Kodiak each day!
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: April 22, 1998
    The northbound migration continues! Many cow/calf pairs and even the first Humpback whale of the season have been seen at Channel Islands in Santa Barbara. In Kodiak Alaska, highlights include pilots spotting gray whales all the way up in the Bering Sea. Plus, an Orca attack has been witnessed and mother/calf pairs have been seen as far north as Oregon.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: April 8, 1998
    "The second pulse" of migrating gray whales are spotted off Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary! Intern Mike Kahle provides an eyewitness report on JJ's release back into the wild. And Susan Payne reports "the whales are here!", in Kodiak, Alaska, just in time for the second annual Whale Fest as whale sightings begin to slow to the south.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: March 25, 1998
    The first mother/calf gray whale pair is sighted on the Oregon coast! Laura Gorodezky sends a bird's eye view of gray whale sightings from the Sanctuary's airplane in California. And Susan Payne in Kodiak, Alaska waits for gray whales to arrive any day now! Plus, a short "Field Guide" to whale watching.
  • News Flash--First Gray Whales Spotted in Alaska: March 25, 1998
    No sooner did we send out today's Gray Whale update than this news arrived.This unscheduled report from Alaska brings exciting news that we've all been waiting for.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: March 11, 1998
    Read about the "Ballenas Gris" from the Gray Whale Nursery in Baja, Mexico. A rare Right Whale is spotted off the coast of California. Check the progress of Gray Whales headed north to Kodiak, Alaska.
  • Gray Whale Migration News Flash: March 4, 1998
    Whales have been sighted off the coast of British Columbia!
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: February 25, 1998
    Gray whales gave birth off the California Coast this year, and additional reports from Santa Barbara and Monterey indicate the northbound migration is now clearly underway.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: February 11, 1998
    The first northbound gray whales are now moving up the California coast. When do you predict the first whale will be sighted in Alaska?
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