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Common Loon

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Winter and Breeding Range
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Macalester College

Latest Migration Map
As of April 23, 1998


Journey North News

  • Loon Migration Update: April 30, 1998
    This news just in: Biologists have captured 3 loons in the Nevada desert for satellite tracking. With the arrival of almost 100 loon sightings from Wisconsin in one short month, you are probably as exhausted as the loons! Take a closer look at the data. When was loon travel into Wisconsin the greatest? What relationship does this spring's migration seem to have with weather?
  • Loon Migration Update: April 23, 1998
    Common Loons are now less common in Monterey, California--but not so in Wisconsin, where 55 were reported this week. As for the loon in Reyjkavik, Iceland.... Early ice-out this year may have revealed a secret: Do loon couples spend their winters alone?
  • Loon Migration Update: April 16, 1998
    In just one week's time, the ice melts, the first loon appears--and within days they're all back on territory. At a Michigan refuge where almost all loons are banded, only 1 hadn't returned early this week.
  • Loon Migration Update: April 9, 1998
    The invasion of inland lakes is underway! Loon landings have been reported from 53 sites. Traveling at speeds exceeding 75 mph--it's no wonder they migrate with their mouths open.(Or do you wonder why?)
  • Loon Migration Update: March 26, 1998
    As spring melts the ice from inland lakes, the first loons are beginning to spread into their northern breeding grounds. We have the first 11 loons to report today. Observers on the wintering grounds have noticed rapid changes in the 14 days since our last update. On the first day of spring the first loon in flight was seen flying after the winter molt in Monterey, CA..
  • Loon Migration Update: March 12, 1998
    Are the loons ready to migrate yet? Field Reports from California and Florida bring the latest information from the wintering grounds. Scientists explain why they study loon feathers. Plus an observer writes about beached loons in Florida.
  • Loon Migration Update: February 26, 1998
    While we wait for the migration, news from the wintering grounds indicates loons are now beginning to prepare. We hope you're ready to report the FIRST loon you see this spring and help track their journey north.
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