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Mystery Class

Tracking Changes in Photoperiod Around the Globe

The FINAL Mystery Class Update Will Be Posted On Friday May 15, 1998

Today's Update Includes:

Today's The Day You've All Been Waiting For...

Thanks to all who participated in the Mystery Class contest. We know everyone worked very hard throughout this entire activity, and we consider all of you winners. Whether you submitted one guess or ten, and whether you are in third grade or eleventh grade, we were glad to have you in the Contest!

We hope you had fun trying to uncover the ten secret locations and we hope you learned a great deal about collecting and interpreting data, latitude and longitude, photoperiod, GMT, and the effects of these elements on migratory species.

  • Be sure to come back next week so you can "meet" each of the ten Mystery locations, when we post their introductions and some photos too!

Right now, though,we know what you REALLY want to know....

Where In The World Are They?

Click on the map to see a larger view

The 10 Mystery Sites Are:

Mystery Class





# 1 Buenos Aires Argentina 34.330 S 58.500 W
# 2 Rouse (Ruse) Bulgaria 43.833 N 25.950 E
# 3 McMurdo Antarctica 77.850 S 166.700 E
# 4 Quispamsis New Brunswick, Canada 45.433 N 65.950 W
# 5 Wellington New Zealand 41.300 S 174.833 E
# 6 Ramstein Germany 49.450 N 7.550 E
# 7 Hong Kong China 22.217 N 114.183 E
# 8 Harare Zimbabwe 17.833 S 31.050 E
# 9 Singapore Singapore 1.300 N 103.800 E
# 10 Utsjoki Finland 69.883 N 27.017 E

Announcing The Mystery Class Contest Winners!

First, let us say CONGRATULATIONS to all contestants--you did a Great Job!

How Contest Entries Were Ranked
We ranked the contest entries by grade level, so our first step was to separate the entries according to their grade levels. If the entry came from a mixed-grade classroom, we ranked the class according to the highest grade in the class.

After that, we carefully reviewed each entry to see how many correct answers there were, with both the correct COUNTRY and the correct CITY. Here are the entries with the most correct answers, listed by grade level.

"And the awards go to..."

Grade 3
7 correct answers (a two-way tie)

Mrs. Harralson and Mrs. Sargent's bilingual 3rd Grade Class
Camino School, Camino California


Mr. MacFarlane's 2nd and 3rd Grade Class
Magnetic Hill School, Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Grade 4
8 correct answers
Ms. Kathleen Allen's 3rd/4th Grade Class
South Park Elementary School
Pueblo, Colorado
( )

Grade 5
8 correct answers
Mrs. Huntzinger's 5th Grade Class
Warner Elementary, Spring Arbor, Michigan

Grade 6
7 correct answers (a five way tie!)

Mr. Bill Lee's 6th Grade Class,
Winifred, Montana

Mr. Dale Schmidt's 6th Grade Class
Bath Middle School, Lima, Ohio

Mrs. Anna Hartle's 6th Grade Global Connections Class
Cincinnati Country Day School,Cincinnati, OH

Ms. Julie Stitt's 6th Grade Class
St. Francis Intermediate
St. Francis, Minnesota

Ms. Ensminger's Sixth Grade Science Classes
Collierville Elementary School, Collierville, Tennessee

Grade 7
8 correct answers
Mrs. Cerullo's Seventh Grade Classes
Joyce Middle School in Woburn, MA

Grade 8
5 correct answers (a two-way tie!)
Mr. Robb's 8th Grade Science Class
York Middle School, York, NE


Mr. Mike Alikonis' 8th Grade Science Class
West Middle School
Alton , IL

Grade 11
8 correct answers
Mr Tony Ward's Grade 11 Natural Disasters Course GPH 3A1
Ajax High School, Ajax, ON Canada L1S 1P2

Again, congratulations to these students! If our winning classrooms would like to be pictured here, class photos can be sent to:

Journey North
18150 Breezy Point Road
Wayzata, Minnesota 55391 USA

Remember to come back next week and "meet" the ten Mystery Classes

The FINAL Mystery Class Update Will be Posted: May 15, 1998

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