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American Robin

Robin Migration Update: April 7, 1998

Today's Report Includes:

Today's Migration News & Data
As the final northern U.S. citizens greeted their first robins last week, the migration spread into the northern latitudes of Canada.

From 47N, 3rd grade students at St. Patrick School in Cobalt, Ontario exclaimed, "We saw our first robins here in the North on March 30th. Five days later--April 5--there are robins everywhere!!" (

On April 2nd, another robin reached 53N in Alberta and greeted Research Scientist Geoff Holroyd of the Canadian Wildlife Service: "I heard my first robin yesterday in Edmonton and heard another this morning."

Here are the latest sightings. Only 12 robins--quite a contrast from last week's 63 robin reports:

Reminder: Early Bird Contest
How much longer will it take the robins to reach the end of the road? Students at Sand Lake School in Anchorage, Alaska are on the lookout. We challenge you to predict when the first robins will be seen in Anchorage. To enter the Early Bird contest, simply answer this question:

Challenge Question # 8
"When do you think the first robin will be spotted in Anchorage, Alaska? Do you think it will arrive with the 36 degree isotherm?"

Map by Claudia Fonkert
Macalester College

That's the Limit!
This range map shows the northern limits of robin nesting territory.

We've watched robins migrate many miles across North America over the past several weeks, so you can't help but wonder:

Challenge Question # 11
"Why don't robins go even further north? What factors influence the northern limits of their nesting range?"

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The Next Robin Migration Update Will be Posted on April 21, 1998.

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