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Journey North News

  • FINAL Right Whale Migration Update: May 27, 1998
    As the migration seasons draws to a close, we thank whale expert Anne Smrcina for another fantastic season! Today's report includes a Right Whale mother-calf pair sighting in the Great South Channel on May 20th. Plus, Anne sends two Websites to track the whales this summer!
  • Right Whale Migration Update: May 13, 1998
    The latest Right Whale migration sightings are just in from Anne Smrcina, along with a few Humpback, Fin and Minke sightings too. More on why the Navy opposes the proposed ship reporting requirements for Right Whale habitats. Plus, Anne answers CQ # 5 about the differences between satellite and radio transmitters for migration tracking.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: April 29, 1998
    As they have in past years, most right whales have left now Cape Cod Bay. During April, many were sighted this year in the major shipping lanes along the Northeast coast. Why do the whales use the Great South Channel area when there are so many boats there?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: April 1, 1998
    First Mother-calf pair spotted in Cape Cod Bay! Right Whales depart from critical habitat. Plus, Anne Smrcina "tag"s along on a whale-tagging expedition.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 18, 1998
    Mother-calf pairs from Florida and Georgia are assumed to be on the move. No other right whales have been seen since Feb. 19th, and the average arrival day in Cape Cod is around March 25th. How long do you estimate their trip will take?
  • Right Whale Migration Update: March 4, 1998
    Large numbers of whales are now feeding in Cape Cod Bay. Scientists hope to use telemetry to track whales and monitor local habitat use. How deep are the waters where recently feeding? Also: Big news from Big Sur, CA where a right whale was sighted this week--only the fourth sighting of a right whale off the California coast in the past 15 years.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: February 18, 1998
    Up to 25 whales have been recorded in Cape Cod Bay. But fewer than 10 cow/calf pairs sighted so far on the calving grounds, a disappointing decline from last year.
  • Right Whale Migration Update: February 4, 1998
    From Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in Plymouth, MA, Anne Smrcina summarizes the whereabouts of Right Whales. How do scientists identify Right Whales?
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