Spring, 1997
Jim Gilbert

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Migrations and Signs of Spring

About Ask the Expert

The Ask the Expert series is the only portion of the Journey North program that is restricted to paid subscribers (or "Internet Field Team" members.) This is because our experts are volunteers, and we do not want to overwhelm them with questions. However, answers from each expert will be available for everyone to read. They will be posted under the Ask the Expert heading on each species page.

Each week, Internet Field Team members are invited to send 3 questions to the designated expert. Please note that your questions for each species will be ONLY be accepted during the two weeks shown on this schedule:




Manatee February 20 March 6
Bald Eagle February 27 March 13
Hummingbird March 6 March 20
Monarch March 13 March 27
Robin March 20 April 3
Whales March 27 April 10
Whooping Crane April 3 April 17
Tulips April 10 April 24
Loon April 17 May 1
Oriole April 24 May 8