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Western Bald Eagle Migration Update: May 12, 1999

Today's Report Includes:

Western Bald Eagle
as of 5/10/99

Latest Migration Map and Data

Eagle #18 Makes Up His Mind
This eagle made a bold dash northward between March 20 and April 2. He flew all the way from Washington to Canada's Northwest Territories in only 12 days!

Challenge Question #23
How many miles per day did Eagle #18 travel, on average?"

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But look at his movements between April 10-April 27. Why do you think he was moving the way he was? Do you think frozen conditions in his nesting area made food a shortage? (Compare his travels to those of eastern eagle #F82, in early April.)

By April 27, Eagle 18 had headed back north. As of Monday, he seems to have decided to stay near Great Slave Lake.

By the way, his April 20 location was in northern Alberta, at Wood Buffalo National Park. This is the nesting grounds of the world's only wild Whooping Cranes, now traveling from the Texas Gulf Coast.

Eagle #12 was still in the Washington area as of May 8. Last year, her behavior was almost identical. She remained in the same region until July, when she turned out to be a migrant that went to southeast Alaska.

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The FINAL Western Bald Eagle Migration Update Will Be Posted on May 19, 1999.

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