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Gray Whale

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  • FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update: May 19, 1999

    Final Migration Map
    Spring, 1999

    The gray whales have pushed further north up to Goodnews Bay and Security Cove. And 1, 500 gray whales were reported at Kulukak Point and Hagemeister Island! But late ice in the Bering Sea still has a grip on their migration. False Pass School is seeing a lot of gray whales too, plus their Principal just misses an Orca attack! In the south, the ACS census has finished up with the lowest northbound cow/calf count in years.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: May 5, 1999
    Gray whales have pushed further north up the Bering Sea. How far far can go before they hit the ice pack? Near Los Angeles, observers are still waiting for the peak of Cow/calf migration. Learn why experts think the Cow/calf migration seems behind schedule this year.
  • News Flash: Gray Whale Cow/calf Pairs Reach Alaska!
    Having traveled all the way from the gray whale nursery in Baja California,
    the first mothers with calves have now reached Alaska, with separate reports from Kodiak and Seward.
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: April 21, 1999
    In the north, Gray whales have now reached the Bering Sea! Off the California coast, some 2,000 miles to the south, fewer whales are being seen now. What reasons can you think of for a lower Cow/calf count so far this season, as compared to last year?
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: April 7, 1999
    "The whales are here!" There arrival is in plenty of time for the third annual Whale Fest Kodiak as whale sightings begin to slow to the south. You may even get to see the whales YOURSELF, thanks to False Pass school on Unimak Island in Alaska. Can you predict how far north the gray whales can get at this time?
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: March 24, 1999
    Northbound whales are now being reported near both ends of the migration trail, from California to Alaska! Record numbers of cow/calf pairs have been seen near Los Angeles. The peak of northbound migration appears to be off the coast of Oregon. And the first gray whale has been reported in Alaska!
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: March 10, 1999
    The northbound gray whale migration is nearing it's peak along the California coast including a first calf sighting off Morro Bay! Further north, early gray whales have already been sighted in Oregon and British Columbia. When will the whales arrive in Kodiak, AK?
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: February 24, 1999
    West coast storms have made spotting gray whales a real challenge! However, more northbound gray whales are being seen. Has their migration shifted from north to south yet?
  • Gray Whale Migration Update: February 10, 1999
    Get ready to track the longest mammal migration on Earth! The first northbound gray whales are now moving up the California coast. When do you predict the first whale will be sighted in Alaska?

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