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About the "Signs of Spring" Study
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Other Signs of Spring
In addition to the "official" signs of spring tracked through Journey North, each year we?re surprised by wonderful, spontaneous reports of spring sent from near and distant places. Nebraska students along the great Central Flyway might announce the arrival of a half million cranes. As shorebirds travel from South America to the Arctic, students at their stopover point in New Jersey might explain how the full moon and horseshoe crabs affect their flight. When spring reaches fever pitch, we might hear from frog specialists who go out at night to count frogs by recording their chorus?and end up with an important measure of environmental quality.

Whether groundhogs or grizzly bears, hummingbirds or whooping cranes, the tiniest insect or the greatest whale, spring touches everything in its path. Perhaps there's a local story you and your students could tell.

Twice each month, Journey North will post news about various Signs of Spring. We'll collect the many observations people have sent from across the hemisphere and incorporate them into our Monday updates. Watch for news about earthworms, frogs, leaves, ice---and whatever you send us. Signs of Spring will be posted on:

Feb. 1, 15, Mar. 1, 15, 30, Apr. 12, 26, May 10, and 24

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