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  • FINAL Bald Eagle Migration Update: May 16, 2000
    Have you ever looked close up at a car on a hot, sunny day and seen the air wiggle? That rising air is called a thermal, and eagles get a free ride by flying on thermals. With this in mind, imagine the migration pathway K70 and K72 might take back to New York next fall, following thermals and avoiding large bodies of water. But you can do more than imagine the trip! Peter Nye's satellite data will reveal their migration routes for the first time next fall. Come back and track their travels! But for now, here's a final good-bye from Eagle Eye Nye...
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: May 2, 2000
    Now that the migration season is coming to a close, what do you suppose is happening on the nesting grounds of the eagles you've tracked this spring? Peter Nye describe eagle nests--his visits, the view, and also the smell! Visit an eagle nest by remote, and take your own field notes. Then compare the duties of male and female eagles during the nesting season.
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 18, 2000
    "Incredible! Eagle #K70 came all the way back from central Ontario to her winter/capture area last week--some 500 miles! Why do you think she might have'dropped back' to the winter site?" asks Biologist Nye. Can you solve the migration mystery? We're STILL waiting for the final eagle to head back north...maybe by the end of April? And how much do those satellite backbacks the eagles are wearing weigh? Fill a backpack until it weighs 2% of your body weight and you'll know how it feels.
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 11, 2000
    Only one eagle remains on the New York wintering grounds. Eagle #F83 departed last spring on April 11th, exactly one year ago today. Before next week's update arrives, see if you can predict which day Eagle #F83 will fly. It should be this week!
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: April 4, 2000
    None other of Nye's New York eagles has flown as far west from New York as Eagles #K70 and #K72 have. Each week we've had to widen our map to make room! Can you tell what watershed these birds are now in, the Lake Superior or Hudson Bay?
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 28, 2000
    Even the expert has to guess where these eagles will nest: "Eagle #K72 has already moved beyond my prediction!" exclaimed Eagleye Nye. Read Nye's predictions--then see if you can find the clues he looks for, based on each eagle's behavior. For example, if an eagle stays on the wintering grounds late in the spring, what does this tell you?
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 21, 2000
    Eagle Wearing Satellite Backpack

    "How many days does an eagle's migration take, and how many miles do they travel in a day? Eagle K58, who's already on her nesting territory, reveals some answers. New Jersey students say eagles weigh about the same as a bowling ball. Satellite transmitters fit the eagle like a backpack. If you wore a backpack that weighed 2% of your body weight, how heavy would your backpack be?"
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 14, 2000
    News Flash: The migrations are underway! This unscheduled update is provided to bring you this news from Eagleye Nye. Now: Guess Where They'll Nest! Every year at this time we challenge you--and Peter Nye--to guess where each of his eagles will finally land.
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: March 7, 2000
    Two new eagles are now online--and the journey north has begun for one! How can male and female eagles be told apart? Test your skills using Nye's measurements of talons and beaks. It's not the first satellite-tracked trip for Eagle #43, #F81 or #F83. Predict when they'll leave, based on past year's data.
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: February 22, 2000
    Use today's data to make a "winter range map" for Nye's NY eagles. Your job is to define each bald eagle's wintering range, and then describe the eagle's behavior within that range. To put these eagles' travels in perspective, make a human home range map and compare the eagle's travels to your own.
  • Bald Eagle Migration Update: February 8, 2000
    Back for the 6th season, Bald Eagle Biologist Peter Nye welcomes students to the Journey North season. Once again this year, he'll share satellite migration data from the eagles he's tracking from New York back to their nests in Canada. But as you will see, we're beginning Journey North before the Journey SOUTH is complete! What surprised Peter Nye most about last fall's migration? And exactly where is the first new eagle he captured for Spring, 2000?

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