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Blue Spring State Park
Background Brian was tagged and released from the Miami Seaquarium into Biscayne Bay at the Cutler Ridge Power Plant south of Miami on 4 March 1999. This is the same Brian that Journey North followed for a while last year.  Originally rescued as an orphan in Jacksonville, FL in Nov 1993. He was found in serious condition suffering from hypothermia, malnutrition, and pneumonia, and was 147 cm, 127 lbs. He was then transported to Sea World.  He recovered well at Sea World and was tagged and released on 25 Sep 1997 in southern Dade County.  We tracked him until 22 Feb 1998, when he was rescued again, this time from the intake canal of the Port Everglades power plant in Ft. Lauderdale, emaciated and in guarded condition at rescue.  He had been trapped in the unvegetated canal since 4 Feb, not so long for the emaciation to be solely a result of his few weeks there.  He was taken to Miami Seaquarium, and again recovered well.  He is now 268 cm long and weighs about 900 lbs.

Brian has quite a history!  When we adjourned last April he was using a canal at the Cutler Ridge power plant in Miami.  In late May he was re-captured for medical assessment, fitted with a new transmitter, and pronounced in good health!  However, on 15 July Brian returned to the intake canal at Port Everglades, a canal that afforded no food or easy egress.  It was determined that he was again in need of rescue and on July 18, 1999 he was captured and taken to the Miami Seaquarium.  He was emaciated, but has recovered well.  We believe he will find a comfortable habitat and plenty of company with the manatees of Blue Spring.   

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