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  • FINAL Manatee Migration Update: April 26, 2000
    It's the final update of the season, so its time for a big round of applause for all our manatee scientists! Cathy Beck has the latest news on Xoshi, Brian, Comet and Calista, and her final season comments too. Bruce Ackerman also shares his outlook on the manatees' future. Plus, don't let the season's end stop you--we've got plenty of manatee resources so you can learn and help them even more. Can you summarize what you've learned about manatees? Try this lesson and write your own scientific paper.
  • Manatee Migration Update: April 12, 2000

    Photo: Birmingham Zoo

    Xoshi is the only one of our manatees that still has a transmitter. What's happened to the other transmitters? Where are the manatees that used to be attached to them? There's breaking news from Florida officials. What will this mean for the manatee population? Find out if the alligators like a meal or a snack. And learn why the aerial manatee count can vary so much from day to day.
  • Manatee Migration Update: March 29, 2000
    Read the latest news about an alligator attack! What was the alligator going after, and how is Xoshi doing? What do satellite tags look like, and how do they work? Results from two statewide aerial manatee counts are in. How do this year's population counts compare to previous years? Ranger Wayne reports the season has ended at Blue Spring, but it was another record-breaking year! Get the latest tracking data on all the manatees. We've got answers to the challenge questions too.
  • Manatee Migration Update: March 15, 2000
    At last, Calista and Brian were tagged and released, but where are they now? Xoshi had to dodge speeding boats since her release. Does the number of registered boats have any relationship to the number of manatee deaths from boat collisions? Tell us about any inventions you have to protect manatees from boats. Also, try the Manatee Math challenge, listen to a manatee and chill out by getting your hands into a "cool" experiment. What does a manatee sound like? Listen for yourself!
  • Manatee Migration Update: March 1, 2000
    "Comet" and "Xoshi" have finally been tagged and released at Blue Spring. Where are they now? How did the other manatees respond ? Do manatees communicate? Plot their latest data to find out where each manatee is now, and what they've been doing. Experts explain the "cold" truth why Ivan (and other manatees) move where and when they do. And get the latest data from Blue Spring. How much longer do you think the manatees will stay there?
  • Manatee Migration Update: February 16, 2000
    "Comet" is being tagged and released today at Blue Spring State Park! Who's eating lettuce--LOTS of lettuce? Get the latest data and map for "Ivan". Can you determine where he is? And it's another record-breaking year at one of the manatees' favorite "hot spots". Get the latest news from Ranger Wayne.
  • Manatee Migration Update: February 2, 2000
    Are you ready? Scientists will soon be releasing four tagged manatees for you to track. Get started right now with data for "Ivan" and "Knicky". What international news event affected Knicky's Fall travels?

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