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Introducing Mystery Class #5
Frederikshavn, Denmark 57.433 N, 10.533 E


Our Class

We are Abildgaardskolens 7th class from Frederikshavn, Denmark. It has been fun doing this project and being one of the Mystery Classes.

Our class is called 7.A. We are 20 pupils in the class, 6 boys and 14 girls. We have 12 different teachers in our class. Our class-teacher's name is Lene Aagrd. We have many different school subjects e.g.: Danish, German, English, Mathematics, Biology, physics, sports, and we have many others subjects.

Our school

Our school is called "Abildgaardskolen". It was built in 1977, and it has 461pupils and 47 teachers. It is the newest school in our city.

In each break we eat our packed lunch , we might also go home and eat lunch, but we can also buy food in the school kiosk. In the school kiosk we can choose from: toast, sandwich, juice, milk, and other things.

Our school days are like this, Monday 8:00 to 13:35, Tuesday 8:00 to 13:35,Wednesday 8:50 to 15:15, Thursday 8:00 to 14:25 and Friday 8:00 to 13:35.

In the breaks, the boys play soccer and the girls are sitting in the classroom and listening to music and talking and other times the girls play handball.We have all different kinds of hobbies, some play Handball, Soccer, Badminton, Horses, Computer.

Shop 'Til You Drop!

Pedestrian Street

Frederikshavn is an active shopping town. You can choose between all types of accommodations, and you can reach all the attractions in this region by car or bus.

In our town there is a lot of shops, we also have the funny planet amusement centre, the go-carting centre and the bowling alley.

First and Foremost the Sea

The Strandby fishing hamlet

North of Frederikshavn is the Strandby fishing hamlet, which has been favoured by nature. First and foremost the sea. The sea provides the livelihood for the town's leading industry, the fishing industry. In the summer the fishing harbour of Strandby is open for yachtsmen who visit this charming town in large numbers.


In Frederikshavn, there is a very large church, known as Frederikshavn Kirke, that was built in 1892. The church is very nice.

Fiskerklyngen was the original Frederikshavn. The living conditions of the population through the past 2 centuries can be studied by a visit to Sognefogedegården (parish community centre) where the livingrooms, kitchen, milk cellar, workshop and stabels have been preserved in their original state.

An Old Soldier

We also have a bronze sculpture called Tordenskjold. He was a very famous soldier from Norway, but as a young man, he moved to Frederikshavn . He lived in the 17th century.

On the outskirts of Frederikshavn lies Bangsbo, an area of natural beauty with a wealth of history and culture to offer the whole family. Here you can find peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let the senses take over for a while.


Bangsbo Museum the beautiful manor house provides the setting for Bangsbo Museum with its permanent exhilbititions on the civic and local history of Frederikshavn, the ocupation, maritime history and the unique Ellingå ship. Bangsbo Botanical Gardens is in the old english-inspired park system. The beautiful colours of the garden will take you back to days gone by ,when the authors Herman Bang and Gustav Wied used to walk there.

Bye for now.

Abildgaardskolens 7th class,
Frederikshavn, Denmark

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