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Mystery Class Update: March 31, 2000

Today's Report Includes:

Show and Tell (...well almost)
How's everyone doing with your quest to figure out where the Mystery Sites are hiding? We're ready to show you another set of clues from your Mystery Friends. (Sorry they can't "tell" you anything more yet.)

Also, we have a special feature article below from the April 1st Latitude Sun Times Newspaper. We hope you'll find it "uplifting"!

Clue Calendar
Clues will be coming for just 3 more weeks. We'll tell you soon how to place your guesses, which will be due no later than April 28. Keep up the great work!
  • April 7, 14, 21: New clues from the Mystery Sites given each week

  • April 28: Deadline for guesses

  • May 5: Mystery Sites Revealed!

  • May 12: Meet the Mystery Sites

Latitude Shoes
We thought you would enjoy reading an article from the early edition of tomorrow's April 1st Latitude Sun Times newspaper. The headlines read, "Latitude Shoes: New Invention Sweeps Across Earth":

No April Fooling

Mrs. Berger's 5th Grade Class

Tomorrow may be April Fool's Day, but we still have the latest sunrise and sunset data for this week--no fooling!

Thanks as always to Mrs. Berger and her students from East Hills School in New York , for compiling the data.

Remember, this information was recorded on Monday, the same day you collected your sunrise/sunset data.

This Week's Sunrise/Sunset Times:

Journey North Mystery Class

Sunrise/Sunset Data

Data For: Monday, March 27, 2000


































* NOTE: MC #2, #5, #6 & #9 have experienced a one hour adjustment to their times since last week, but remember that this adjustment will NOT affect the photoperiod. Due to daylight savings time starting or ending in the coming weeks, you may see one hour changes at other locations.

Challenge Question #3:
"Can you explain why the Daylight Savings Time change does NOT change the photoperiod?"

(To respond to this question, please follow the instructions below.)

CLUES from Your Mystery Friends

Mystery Class:

#1 "The temperate climate of our city is characteristic of the river's coastal plain."

#2 "Our country's flag has an animal on it."

#3 "In 1519, our country was invaded by determined conquerors who collected 'shipfulls' of silver and other minerals."

#4 "Our official languages here are Spanish and Quechua."

#5 "We are approximately 5 million people in our country"

#6 "English is the main language spoken in our country but we have an unusual way of changing words in conversation by using 'o' or 'ie'. For example a musician becomes a muso, a person with the surname Smith becomes Smithie. We often use descriptive slang to describe occupations. For example a teacher is called a chalkie, a carpenter is called a chippie, and a bricklayer is called a brickie."

#7 "We are surrounded by water."

#8 "Life here consists of seabirds, lichens, mosses, mites, marine mammals, and fish."

#9 "A few of our national products are chocolates, lace, endive and beer."

#10."We have caribou, moose, wolves, whales and wind. We have many cetacean visitors twice a year. Five kinds of salmon are found our freezers."

How to Respond to Today's Challenge Question:

1. Address an E-mail message to:
2. In the Subject Line of the message write: Challenge Question # 3
3. In the body of the message, answer the question above.

The Next Mystery Class Update Will be Posted: April 7, 2000

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