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Mystery Class Update: April 21, 2000

Today's Report Includes:

Mission Possible!
Welcome special agent students! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to uncover the ten highly classified Mystery Site locations around the globe. Final sunrise/sunset data and clues from the ten masters of disguise have arrived. Now it's time for your elite team to jump into action and place your guess. Good luck!

Be sure to carefully read the dossier of special instructions below. To prevent your guesses from self-destructing, it is imperative that you send them in on time:

You MUST place your guess no later than Friday, April 28.

Before beginning your final mission, let's share a word of special thanks for some of the people who helped with the undercover work that kept the Mystery Class running each week:.

A Fond Farewell From and To Mrs. Berger's Class

Thank you Mrs. Berger's 5th Grade Class

"Mrs. Berger and class hope you are now all pretty sure of where our mystery classes are located and you are anxious to find out if your guesses are on target. We had fun graphing the photoperiod, researching each site on the Internet, and helping to coordinate the weekly sunrise/sunset times and some clues too. Here is your last set of data for the photoperiods. Good luck to everyone and thanks for your enthusiasm and participation in the Mystery Class Contest."

Kudos to Mrs. Berger and her students at East Hill School in Roslyn New York! They worked tirelessly and did a great job all season long. We really appreciate all their help in bringing the Mystery Class Activity to you each week.

If you'd like to drop a note of thanks to Mrs. Berger's class, you can reach them at:

Mrs. Berger's Class
East Hills School
Roslyn, NY 11577
Class email:

What A Star! Special Thanks
We'd also like to thank one of the very important behind the scenes contributors, Rod Nerdahl. Rod is Program Coordinator at the Minneapolis Planetarium. Rod was truly a "star", helping to keep our weekly sunrise and sunset listings "on time" by researching and providing standard sunrise/sunset and latitude/longitude data. Many thanks, Rod!

Thanks Also To ???
Of course, our final thanks will go to the ten secret Mystery Sites. But since you're still top secret, we'll save our full thanks for a few more weeks. Then, we'll tell the world all about you. You've all gone above and beyond the call of duty, and we can't wait for everyone to finally meet you!

Let the Games Begin: Contest Schedule
The race is on! Print and carefully read the contest schedule and instructions below--good luck!

Contest Schedule:
  • April 28: Guesses Due! Your guess MUST be received NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 28. (To be fair to everyone, any guesses sent after that date will NOT be eligible for the contest.)

  • May 5: Mystery Sites will be revealed and the contest results announced.

  • May 12: Meet the Mystery Sites! Your new Mystery Friends are happy to finally meet you. They'll send their personal greetings and photos too.

How to Place Your Guess

IMPORTANT: To place your guess, carefully follow the same steps as when answering a Challenge Question, and be sure to list your guess for all 10 secret Mystery locations in ONE message:
1) Send your guess by E-mail to:
2) In the Subject line write: Challenge Question #4
3) In the Body of the message TELL US YOUR GRADE LEVEL and then answer this question:

Challenge Question #4
"Where in the world do you think our 10 Mystery Sites are located?"

Your answer MUST include all of the following information about each Mystery site:

a. The name of city.
b. The name of country.
c. Its latitude and longitude.

DON'T FORGET: Because we judge the contest by Grade Level, you MUST tell us YOUR GRADE LEVEL. If you do not include your grade, we will judge your answer with the 12th grade level answers.

*NOTE TO TEACHERS: Students sometimes focus heavily on "winning" the Mystery Class contest, so please be sure to remind them that the contest portion is only a small part of this Activity. Also, we are aware that there is a wide range of grade levels participating, and we will factor that in during the judging.

FINAL Sunrise/Sunset Times
Remember, this information was recorded on Monday, the same day you collected your sunrise/sunset data. These are the final data of the contest.

Journey North Mystery Class

Sunrise/Sunset Data

Data For: Monday, April 17, 2000


































FINAL CLUES From Your Mystery Friends

Mystery Class:

#1 "Our city is the nation's chief port. Our city has an environmental flavor in our local language."

#2 "If you travel east from here, you will come to another city with the same name as our city."

#3 "Typically the fourth generation of Danaus plexippus arrives in our mountainous villages from areas in the northern part of our continent that are too cold in the winter."

#4 "We are our country's political center, situated amongst snow-capped volcanoes high in the mountains at around 9,500 ft. There's a huge volcano that's very near us. It's an active volcano and sometimes erupts ashes all over our city. Sometimes we close school because of the volcano."

#5 "In our town we are approximately 35,000 people."

#6 "The nearest city to our township is Shepparton. Our town used to be called Dunbulbulane but was given its present name in honour of the Scottish hometown of our school's first teacher. Our Scottish namesake is located on the north shore of Moray Firth."

#7 "Our municipality has the largest population on the West Coast of our Island."

#8 "We are the site of the A.P.Crary Science and Engineering Center that studies biological, earth science, and atmospheric sciences."

#9 "One of our most famous and mischievous inhabitants lives at city hall, where visitors pet him with their left hand for good luck."

#10 "Our community only has a population of about 85 people. We are on the shores of the Bering Sea. The town is located on a sand spit that sticks out from the mainland much like your thumb does on your hand."

The Next Mystery Class Reminder Will be Posted: April 28, 2000

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