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FINAL Mystery Class Update: May 12, 2000

Today's Report Includes:

Look How Far You've Come
Congratulations again to everyone who participated in the Mystery Class Activity this year! Do you remember way back in February when all you knew about the ten sites was that they were a mystery? You began with sunrise and sunset data and your graphs and just look at how far you have come. Great job!

We've Waited So Long!
Your new Mystery friends have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and we really want to give them a very big applause and thank you! Not only did they work very hard thinking up their unique and interesting clues, they also spent long hours preparing the Introductions and photos that they sent for you today.

And we can't forget, that they also did one of the hardest things for anyone to do--they kept their identity a secret for all this time! We hope you enjoy meeting your new friends!

Meet Your New Mystery Friends

Click on yellow map dots or on location name below for each Introduction


Location Latitude Longitude
Mystery Class # 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina 34.600 S 58.450 W
Mystery Class # 2 Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan 54.900 N 69.100 E
Mystery Class # 3 Angangueo, Mexico 19.617 N 100.300 W
Mystery Class # 4 Quito, Ecuador 00.217 S 78.500 W
Mystery Class # 5 Frederikshavn, Denmark 57.433 N 10.533 E
Mystery Class # 6 Invergordon, Australia 36.166 S 145.583 E
Mystery Class # 7 Corner Brook, Newfoundland 48.950 N 57.950 W
Mystery Class # 8 McMurdo, Antarctica 77.850 S 166.700 E
Mystery Class # 9 Mons, Belgium 50.450 N 03.933 E
Mystery Class # 10 Nelson Lagoon, Alaska 55.917 N 161.000 W

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Year End Evaluation
Please share your thoughts

This is the FINAL Mystery Class Update. We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed participating in the Mystery Class. Have a Great Summer. See You Next Year!

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