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Tulip Garden Update: January 14, 2000

Today's Report Includes:

Garden Grand Total
All gardens are planted at last, and the grand total is now 300! The gardens reported since our December update are listed below. Now when do you suppose the first tulips will emerge---and whose will they be...?

Thanks to everyone for reporting their news! We've posted all data and you can read comments from all hardworking gardeners in the
database. If you have planted a garden but you are NOT on this list, please report to Journey North. Simply press the "owl" button and a
Field Data Form will appear.

Weird Winter Warm Up
The movers and shakers in Washington DC are jogging outside in shorts! Some mid-western Robins decided not to head south this winter, and buds are larger and more swollen than normal at The Bronx Botanical Garden in New York. But "normal" is not a word that can describe winter in many parts of North America this year.

Challenge Question #4
"How do you think the warm winter could affect the tulips underground? Do you think they will emerge/bloom earlier?

(To respond to this question, please follow the instructions below.)

Too Many Tulips?
No such thing! But if younger students are overwhelmed with tulip data, follow the suggestion of 1st grade teacher Patti Prieves: "As the first reports come in, we choose 5-10 places to record on our class map. We choose another 5-10 each time we receive a new report. Throughout the spring, we keep track of when tulips in these gardens emerge and when they bloom. The map becomes an important, ongoing fixture in the room or hallway."

As spring progresses, watch for regular suggestions for analyzing data at all grade levels.

How to Respond to Today's Challenge Question
Important: Answer only ONE question in each e-mail message.

1. Address an e-mail message to: jn-challenge-tulip@learner.org
2. In the Subject Line of your message write: Challenge Question #4
3. In the body of the message, answer the question above.

The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on February 11, 2000

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