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Mystery Class Update: May 4, 2001

Today's Report Includes:

"Where In The World" Are They?

Here's the answer you've been waiting for!

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The 10 Mystery Classes for 2001 Are:


Location Latitude Longitude
Mystery Class # 1 Lisbon, Portugal 38.717 N 9.133 W
Mystery Class # 2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 3.167 N 101.700 E
Mystery Class # 3 Montevideo, Uruguay 34.883 S 56.183 W
Mystery Class # 4 Angangueo, Mexico 19.617 N 100.300 W
Mystery Class # 5 McMurdo, Antarctica 77.850 S 166.700 E
Mystery Class # 6 Croydon, England 51.372 N 0.082 W
Mystery Class # 7 Auckland, New Zealand 36.867 S 174.767 E
Mystery Class # 8 Hong Kong, China 22.217 N 114.183 E
Mystery Class # 9 La Paz, Bolivia 16.500 S 68.150 W
Mystery Class # 10 Beijing, China 39.900 N 116.413 E

A Special Note From Journey North

A Call For Mystery Sites in 2002!

We're still looking for classrooms outside of North America that would like to be one of the 10 secret Mystery Classes in 2002!

Know a Mystery Site for Next Year? Please contact: our feedback form

Congratulations from everyone at Journey North to all of you who participated in the Mystery Class Activity this year!

We know that you worked very hard on your answers. And no matter how many Mystery Sites you correctly identified, you should be very proud of yourselves--this is a very challenging activity! Especially in a year like this, when the number of entries that we received nearly doubled from our previous record. Competition was intense, and with the larger number of entries came a larger number of correct answers.

So give yourself a high five! What an accomplishment for all of you to go from graphing sunrise and sunset data beginning 11 weeks ago, to figuring out approximate longitude, to determining a real location somewhere in the world. You ALL did a fantastic job!

Coming Next Week: Meet Your New Friends
Be sure to come back next week when you'll finally be able to "meet" your new (and not so secret anymore) Mystery Friends! Just like you, they all worked very hard for this activity. They studied and prepared their clues and pictures carefully, and had to keep a secret for all this time! So they'll be really happy to finally meet you next week. They'll send their personal greetings and photos too.
  • May 11: Come back and Meet the 10 Mystery Sites!

How Contest Entries Were Ranked
We ranked the contest entries by grade level, so our first step was to separate the entries according to their grade levels. If the entry came from a mixed-grade classroom, we ranked the class according to the highest grade in the class.

After that, we carefully reviewed each entry to see how many correct answers there were with both the correct CITY and the correct COUNTRY.

Special Notes:
  • For MC #6, Croydon, England, the borough of Croydon is the correct city/town/borough. Several clues specifically focused in on this particular borough, and therefore a general answer of London was not sufficient.

  • For MC #8, Hong Kong, China is a geographic and governmental area with a unique status that is not truly a city or a country. Instead it is considered as a "Special Adminstrative Region" or "SAR" of China. Due to this unique status, and to be fair to everyone, we accepted a wider range of answers as correct, especially since the clues understandably did not focus on a distinct area within Hong Kong. Therefore in addition to the answer of Hong Kong, China, we also accepted as correct those answers that listed a specific location in the SAR as a city with Hong Kong as the country (i.e. Kowloon, Hong Kong), and those answers that listed Hong Kong as both city and country (Hong Kong, Hong Kong).


Announcing the Mystery Class Contest Results!

(Hey, did you skip the beginning of this report and peek already? Well, once you read the results below, be sure to go back up to the beginning of this report for important messages!)

Now at long last, here are the entries with the highest number of correct answers, listed by Grade Level:

GRADE 2 (3 classroom entries)

Ms. Janet Carstens' Class (9 correct answers)
Webster Stanley Elementary School
Oshkosh, WI (

GRADE 3 (10 classroom entries)

A Two-Way Tie!

Miss Bailey's Third Grade Class (10 correct answers)
Citrus Elementary School
Vero Beach, FL (


Ms. Brenda Mangino and Ms. Jan Douglas' Third Graders (10 correct answers)
Fall Creek Elementary School
Ithaca, NY (

GRADE 4 (33 classroom entries)

The Fourth Graders Went Wild! 8 Classrooms Got Them All Correct:

Ms. Megan Clark's Fourth Grade Class (10 correct answers)
Cider Mill School
Wilton, CT (


Mrs. Allen's 4th Graders (10 correct answers)
South Park Elementary School
Pueblo, CO (


Miss Snow's Class (10 correct answers)
Dyer, IN (


Ms. Julie Dolan's Class (10 correct answers)
Townshend Elementary School
Townshend, VT (


Ms. Tammy Zerella'a Fourth Grade Class (10 correct answers)
Cider Mill School
Wilton, CT (


Ms. Charlotte Layne's 4th Grade Class (10 correct answers)
Cider Mill School
Wilton, CT (


Ms. Ann Young's 4th Grade Class (10 correct answers)
Cider Mill School
Wilton, CT (

And Last, But Certainly Not Least...

Ms. Deborah Petermann--Parent Volunteer and
Ms. Anna McComb--Teacher's Class (10 correct answers)
Mary P. Douglas Elementary
Raleigh, NC (

GRADE 5 (41 classroom entries)

Fantastic Grade Five Was Really Alive! This grade had the most submissions of any grade level this year, with a record number of classrooms answering them all correctly too!

Ms. Susanne Faircloth's Class (10 correct answers)
5th Grade Social Studies/Science
Forsyth Academy, National Heritage Academies
Winston-Salem, NC (


Mrs. Voelker's Fifth Grade Class (10 correct answers)
Pymatuning Valley Middle School
Andover, OH (


Ms. Alison Hall's Class (10 correct answers)
Tom Longboat P.S.
Scarborough (


Mrs. Daniels' and Mr. Koontz's Class (10 correct answers)
North Albany Elementary
Albany, OR (


Mrs. Silvestro's Math Class (10 correct answers)
Bedford Middle School
Westport, CT (

And Last But Certainly Not Least...

Mrs. Sue Gatto's Class (10 correct answers)
Bibich Elementary School
Dyer, IN (

GRADE 6 (38 classroom entries)

A Three-Way Tie!

Ms. Sandi Anderson's Class (10 correct answers)
Plymouth Middle School
Plymouth, MN (


Mrs. Phillips Class (10 correct answers)
Plymouth Middle School
Plymouth, MN (


Ms. Monica Thibault's Class (10 correct answers)
Plymouth Middle School
Plymouth, MN (

GRADE 7 (38 classroom entries)

A Four-Way Tie!

Ms. Holly Cerullo's Blue Team (10 correct answers)
Joyce Middle School
Woburn, MA 01801 (


Ms. Valerie Davis' Special Interest Club (10 correct answers)
Walkertown Middle School
Walkertown, NC 27051 (


Mrs. Kloewer's Science Class (10 correct answers)
York Middle School
York, NE (


Mrs. Quinn's and Miss Trubelhorn's Class (10 correct answers)
St. John Greek Orthodox Day School
Tampa, FL (

GRADE 8 (21 classroom entries)

A Four-Way Tie!

Mr. Iverson's Class (8 correct answers)
Central Middle School
Eden Prairie, MN (


Mrs. Christine Blair's Media Research Class (8 correct answers)
Nuttall Middle School
Robinson, IL ( )


Ms. Taylor's Grade 8.1 Class (8 correct answers)
Connecticut (


Mr. Donnelly's First Period Class (8 correct answers)
Griswold Middle School (

GRADE 10 (4 classroom entries)

Mr. William Wells' Class (9 correct answers)
Summersville High School
Summersville, MO (

GRADE 11 (2 classroom entries)

Mr. Ward's Natural Disasters Class (10 correct answers)
GPH3A1, Ajax High School
Ajax, Ont (

GRADE 12 (3 classroom entries)

Mrs. Carol Matthews Environmental Science Class (10 correct answers)
The Bolles School
Jacksonville, FL (

Reminder: Be sure to come back next week to "meet" and learn more about your new Mystery Friends!

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The FINAL Mystery Class Update Will be Posted on May 11, 2001

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