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Track Spring's Journey North

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Please print a copy of the checklist below and watch for these migrations and signs of spring. Remember: We can't track Spring without you! Even if you don't track all the migrations, please send as many sightings as you can. We need help from everyone in order to gather enough data.

Report Your SightingsHow to Report Your Sightings
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Migrations and Signs of Spring
Practice Report (Any Species) Red-winged blackbird (FIRST)
Bald Eagle Red-winged blackbird (OTHER)
Earthworm (FIRST sighted) Robin (First SEEN)
Frog (First HEARD singing) Robin (First HEARD Singing)
Hummingbird (Feeder up) Robin (OTHER observations)
Hummingbird (FIRST sighted) Barn Swallow (FIRST sighted)
Ice-Out Tulips PLANTED
Leaf-Out (Any species) Tulips EMERGED
Loon (FIRST sighted) Tulips BLOOMED
Manatee Unpave-the-Way Project
Maple Syrup (FIRST Sap Run) Whale, Gray (FIRST sighted)
Monarch Adult (FIRST sighted) Whale, Gray (1st Mother/Calf)
Monarch Larva (FIRST sighted) Whale, Humpback
Monarch Egg (FIRST sighted) Whale, Right
Monarch (OTHER observations) Whooping Crane
Oriole (Feeder up) Other Signs of Spring
Oriole (FIRST sighted)  
Oriole (FIRST Nest-building)