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Manatee Manatee Migration Update: February 5, 2003
The Journey North Manatee team is ready and waiting for you to join them! Ranger Wayne reports manatee mischief, big numbers and a great birthday present at Blue Spring State Park. Airborne Ackerman has already conducted three aerial manatee surveys over Florida--how are the population counts this year? And Cathy Beck and her Sirenia Project scientists are tracking 5 new manatees this year, plus two old friends and a calf too! And now's your chance to Ask the Expert--what would you like to know? Dive in and let's get started!
Manatee Migration Update: February 19, 2003
Manatees are really on the move! Why are they moving now? Satellite data for two manatees has been interrupted--what might have caused this? Ranger Wayne is taking attendance and wants you to join him. Get familiar with "The Run" so you're ready to ride along. Do you know why his daily manatee count changes each day? Hungry for geography? Try this edible map--you've never seen (or eaten) a map like this before! Plus, now open--Nancy's ready for your Ask the Expert questions. How do Scientists capture manatees? Learn this and the answers to other Challenge Questions too.

Manatee Migration Update: March 5, 2003
Grab your boarding pass! You've been cleared to join "Airborne Ackerman" in the plane for the aerial manatee count. What do the aerial count numbers really mean and why can they be controversial? And what do Rice Kripies have to do with manatee counts? Will Tipper ever come south again? Where's Chuck, the missing manatee? Get the latest tracking maps and data on where your manatees are now. Also, your day has come--it's time for you to get in the canoe! Ranger Wayne wants you to do the Roll Call. Can you tell him who's in the Run today?
Manatee Migration Update: March 19, 2003
Why are some manatees coming back to POI? Look at the latest migration data, and the get the popcorn ready. There are several audio and video clips in today's report. Did you correctly ID the manatees in the Run? Hear Ranger Wayne reveal their identities. Plus, think you can identify a moving manatee from the canoe and from the air?
Manatee Migration Update: April 2, 2003
Strong storms and high seas didn't stop Biologist Susan Butler from tracking Manatees in her boat, just before a huge storm hit! Get the latest on your Manatees' migrations. What do you think Manatees do in storms? Is Ranger Wayne all alone at Blue Spring? He reports that boat strike numbers were down at Blue Spring--but what about statewide? Learn about the adaptation that lets Manatees stay under water for up to 20 minutes, after just one quick breath.
Manatee Migration Update: April 16, 2003
Have Santina and Actual made similar migrations this season compared to last? You're the Scientist--compare their movements and form your own conclusions. Could you eat as much as a Manatee--even if you were eating pizza? Try More Manatee Math and see. And why do manatees continually lose teeth? Read about Marching Molars and more Manatee Adaptations. Plus, get the latest Migration Data and Maps, and read Ranger Wayne's inspiring words on why we all need to help the endangered Manatee.

FINAL Manatee Migration Update: April 30, 2003
It's the end of another great manatee season, but there's still plenty to learn, see, and hear! Compare your observations to Cathy's Final Field Notes and Summary. And what's Red Tide? Try the Manatee Match Game and the Ecological Footprint Quiz. Learn the relationship between manatee and human populations. Consider why manatees need protection, and why human population impacts the world we all share. Plus, send your thanks to our manatee scientists.






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