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Mystery Class Update: April 16, 2004

Today's Report Includes:

Your Mission--Complete the Quest
Your ten secret Mystery Friends that are hiding somewhere around the World are so excited to see if you have found them yet. Have you? Have you unlocked all the secrets to locate them? Need a little more help? To help you complete your mission, we have posted the FINAL sunrise/sunset data and FINAL clues below. Good luck in your quest!

Teachers: Don't Throw it All Away!
We know you and your students have worked very hard on this Activity over the past several months. So be careful not to give that all away by not following the rules and instructions. The complete Instructions and Rules on how to prepare and submit your class' answer are provided below. Be sure to follow these Instructions carefully! And remember, your answer must be received no later than Friday April 23! Don't be tardy--late entries will not be eligible for the contest portion of Mystery Class.

Please Remember--Winning Isn't Everything!
Students sometimes focus heavily on "winning" the Mystery Class Activity, so please be sure to remind them that first and foremost, Mystery Class is about student learning. The contest portion is only a small part of Mystery Class.

Take a look at this video clip of Mystery Class Veteran Teacher and Journey North Advisory Board member, Cathie Plaehn, reminding her students how far they have all come since the beginning of the Activity!

Look How Far You've Come
Video Clip

(Tips for viewing)

Another Stellar Performance! Special Thanks
Before going any further, we want to send a special thanks to our astronomy expert, Rod Nerdahl, for his invaluable assistance in making the Mystery Class Activity run smoothly. For many years Rod has carefully researched and provided us with standard sunrise/sunset and latitude/longitude data to keep our weekly sunrise and sunset listings "on time". Plus we thank Rod for sharing his insights about testing the Egg balancing on the Equinox myth. Ad astra (To the stars), Rod!

A World of Top Secret Thanks
We'd also like to thank the ten secret Mystery Sites which are located in... oops! We almost let your secret out. Sorry we can't say where you are--YET! Since you're still top secret, we'll save our full thanks to you for a few more weeks. Then, we'll tell the world all about you. You've all worked so hard, and we can't wait for everyone to finally meet you. Thank you!

This Week's Sunrise/Sunset Times
Remember, the secret Mystery sites recorded their times last Monday, the same day you collected your own local sunrise/sunset data.

CLUES from Your Mystery Friends
Here is the second set of interdisciplinary clues from the Mystery Sites themselves.

Important Rules for Preparing Your Answer
When you submit your students' answer on April 23, it is essential that you follow the instructions and rules.

As teachers who give directions and instructions yourself, you understand the importance of carefully reading and following directions. Now it's your turn! Please read and follow all directions below carefully SO THAT YOU SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS PROPERLY.

The full checklist of instructions is below, but here is quick Summary of Salient Rules:

1. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE! Send your answer IN THE BODY of an e-mail (don't send attachments!)

2. INCLUDE YOUR GRADE IN THE SUBJECT LINE of your E-mail (If you don't, your answer will be judged with the Grade 12 entries.)

(To be fair to everyone, any answers sent after that date will not be accepted. Why? See Mystery Class FAQ's)

4. WARNING: DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE VERSION OF YOUR ANSWER: Once you've submitted your answer, you may not change it or try to send it in again. Only one answer from each class will be accepted.

5. BE CAREFUL! DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ANSWER CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SEND IT IN! Make sure you have your answers the way you want them. Once your answer is received, we cannot change or correct your mistakes (even simple ones like transposed locations). So be sure to double check your answer before submitting!

How to Submit Your Answer: Instructions and Checklist
To submit your answer, you will be following the same steps as when you answer a Challenge Question, plus a few additional steps.

Use this list of Instructions as a Checklist, and check it twice before sending in your answer. Good Luck!

Send your answer in the body of an E-mail (NO ATTACHMENTS) to:
___2. In the Subject line write: Challenge Question #6

In the Subject line you MUST also tell us your GRADE LEVEL.

EXAMPLE--your Subject Line should look like this:

Challenge Question #6, GRADE ____


In the BODY of the message, tell us who you are (teacher name, school name, etc) and then answer this question:

Challenge Question #6:
"Where in the world do you think our 10 Mystery Sites are located?"

  • Your answer MUST include ALL of the following information about each Mystery site:

    a) The name of city/town/borough. (For MC #6--just give the name the Camp instead of a city; for MC #10--just give the name of the Island instead of a city)

    b) The name of country.

    c) Its latitude and longitude
___5. Give your answer for all 10 secret Mystery locations in ONE E-Mail message.
___6. Doublecheck your answer before sending! After you've submitted your answer, you may not change your answer and send it in again.

Teachers with several separate classes participating should submit a separate E-mail answer for each of their separate classes. Be sure to identify which specific class the answer is from (i.e. "Ms. Johnson's 1st hour class", or "Ms. Johnson's 4th hour class", etc)

___8. Don't forget: Because we judge the contest by Grade Level, you MUST tell us YOUR GRADE LEVEL. If you do not include your grade, we will judge your answer with the 12th grade level answers.

DEADLINE APRIL 23: To be fair to everyone, any answers sent after that date will not be eligible for the contest.

___10. Congratulate yourself and your students on a job well done! You have worked very hard and come such a long way from the beginning of this Activity. Let us know what you think about the journey!

Plan Ahead and Mark Your Clues Calendar
Here's the 2004 Mystery Class Schedule so you know what to expect from Journey North. Please be sure to plan ahead.

April 23: Deadline for Your Answers! No late entries will be accepted (out of fairness to all participants, no exceptions.)
April 30: Mystery Sites Revealed!
May 7: Meet Your Mystery Friends!

The Next Mystery Class Update Will Be Posted on April 23, 2004

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