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Happy Valentine's Day!

Whoooo's Finding Romance?

The calendar says it's winter, but some birds have a different opinion. Many owls are in the middle of their spring courtship, and some are already sitting on eggs! Mother owls start to incubate their eggs the moment they lay them because, if an egg were to freeze, the developing chick inside would not survive. The mother spends all of her time sitting tight. Father owls normally do the hunting for both of them during this critical time.

Why do owls start nesting so early? It's hard to be certain, but the timing does mean baby owls will be learning to hunt when inexperienced young mammals are in abundant supply and easy prey.

Tracking Seasonal Change With Journey North

Barred Owl
Photo: Stephen J. Lang

Literature Link: Owl Moon

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, a young girl and her father go owling on a wintry night in the woods. Jane Yolen's story inspires readers to experience the wonders of nature. Invite your students to crunch through the snow on a quiet moonlit walk in search of a Great Horned Owl

School-wide exhibit

Owl Moon

Signs of Seasonal Change

Join us this spring as we track how seasonal changes in sunlight affect the entire web of life. What signs of change are you seeing in February?


Map: Signs of the Seasons