Checklist - Symbolic Migration Project

Symbolic Migration Checklist

*excerpt from Teacher Packet

Submission deadline: October 9, 2020

1) ___ I understand that a $10 participation fee in the form of a “Passenger Ticket” for each Class Ambassador Butterfly is required. I have purchased a “Passenger Ticket” online at, completing all of the information requested so that I can be contacted if necessary.

2) ___ I understand that our Class Ambassador Butterfly will be our gift to the student in Mexico that receives it. I also understand that we will not receive our own life-sized butterflies next spring but will receive life-sized butterflies made this fall by students across North America, remembering that this is a class project and the return ratio may not be 1:1.

3) ___ I will report to the  Journey North Symbolic Migration Participant FALL ONLY map when I share our Class Ambassador Butterfly so that our school will appear on the map of international participants, including the teacher name, school, town, state / province in the message. We will take a picture of our Class Ambassador Butterfly to include when we report to the Fall. Map (optional). Because only one picture and teacher contact will be visible for a single location on the Journey North map, please choose ONE teacher to be the point of contact for the school and make a photo collage of all Class Ambassadors to upload to Journey North’s Fall Symbolic Migration Participant Map. (Please refer to these special instructions for schools with multiple participating classrooms at the bottom of page 10 in the Teacher Packet.) 

4) ___ Items created, scanned/photographed, labeled, and saved to Google Drive folder

  • Our Class Butterfly was creatively made on one side of a letter-sized file folder (directions on page 4). The teacher’s name, school, city, state/province, and country is clearly written on the decorated side of the folder and visible in the scan or photo.
  • Individual life-sized monarchs, each legibly labeled on the decorated side with the student’s first name, school, town, state/province, country, teacher’s name and email address, one butterfly per student (ideally using one of the suggested template links on page 5)
  • A completed “Hello Friends/Hola Amigos” letter (directions on page 5; letter on page 7)
  • A class photo OR a one-page note written in Spanish (optional) (directions on page 5)
  • A copy of the “Passenger Ticket” receipt from your online payment (link for payment in #1 above; directions for labeling on page 4)

5) ___ Our Google Drive folder:

  • Contains ONLY ONE Class Butterfly and its enclosures (listed in #4 above) per folder.
  • Is submitted to by October 9, 2020, i.e., shared with EDITOR permission. Please check with your Instructional Technology (IT) staff to ensure that the permissions are set properly; otherwise, we will not be able to access and sort the contents.

6) ___ In the SPRING, I will contact teachers directly through email when we receive the cluster of life-sized butterflies so that the children who made them can find out where their butterflies landed.

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