Checklist - Symbolic Migration Project

Symbolic Migration Checklist

*excerpt from Teacher Packet

Submission deadline: October 8, 2021

1) ___ I understand that a $15 participation fee in the form of a “Passenger Ticket” for each Ambassador Butterfly is required. I have purchased a “Passenger Ticket” online at , completing all of the information requested so that I can be contacted if necessary.

2) ___ I understand that our Ambassador Butterfly will be our gift to the student in Mexico that receives it. I also understand that we will NOT receive our own life-sized butterflies next spring but WILL receive life-sized butterflies made this fall by students across North America, remembering that this is a class project and the return ratio may not be 1:1.

3) ___ I will report to the Journey North Symbolic Migration Participant FALL ONLY map when I share our Ambassador Butterfly so that our school/group/family will appear on the map of international participants,  including the leader’s name, school/group/family, town, and state/province in the “Comments”  section. Optionally, we will take a picture of our Ambassador Butterfly to include when we  report to the Participant Map. I understand the limitations of the map as described in Step 5 on page 3 of this Leader Packet.

4)  ___ Our Ambassador Butterfly and enclosures:

  • Our Ambassador Butterfly was creatively made from a letter-sized file folder. No glitter or bulky material was used in decoration. The leader’s name, school/group/family name and full mailing address is written on this folder and it matches the name and address entered online when purchasing the “Passenger Ticket.”
  • It includes the following enclosures:

*A cluster of life-sized monarchs, each legibly labeled with the artist’s first name, school/group/family name, town, state/province, country and leader’s name and email. Only one butterfly per participant, is enclosed in a plastic sandwich- or quart-sized Ziploc bag to secure contents.

*Our completed “Hello Friends/Hola Amigos” Letter

*A copy of the “Passenger Ticket” receipt from your online payment

*Optionally, a class photo, postcard or one-page note written in Spanish

5) ___ Our Mailing Envelope:

  • Contains ONLY ONE Ambassador Butterfly and its enclosures per envelope.
  • Is postmarked by October 8, 2021 with the correct postage.
  • Is addressed to: “Send a Monarch to Mexico!” c/o Symbolic Migration, 1497 Candleberry Court SW, Lilburn, GA 30047 USA

Don’t miss the trip!
Read, print, and follow these instructions so that your butterfly migrates!