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Fall Checklist
Help Track Fall's Journey South

Please print a copy of the checklist below and watch for these migrations. Remember: We can't track Fall without you! Even if you don't track all the migrations, please send as many sightings as you can. We need help from everyone in order to gather enough data.

Monarch Butterflies Hummingbirds

Report these monarch observations:

  • Any Monarch Sighting
  • Fall Roosts
  • PEAK Migration
  • OTHER Monarch Observations

Report all hummingbird sightings.

  • Watch for your hummingbirds to leave and watch for others to visit as they travel to their wintering grounds.
Plants Other Signs of Fall

Plant a Journey North test garden, then report to the map:

  • Tulips PLANTED
  • Report any other migration or sign of the fall season.

Symbolic Monarch

Habitat Projects
  • Add your class to the map after you've sent Symbolic Monarch to Mexico this year!


  • Tell about your habitat project by reporting to the map. Visit the map to read about other projects across North America.

How to Report Your Sightings