Round Robin Retell

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Instructional Strategies
Procedures: After students have read and studied an informational article, they form a circle and conduct a “Round Robin Retell.” Each member of the circle paraphrases a key idea from the selection. Each student must listen carefully so that ideas are not repeated.

Examples: Questions to help students paraphrase an informational article: “What information did the author raise at the beginning of the article?” “What did the article reveal about the physical characteristics of manatees?” “What did the article reveal about the behavioral adaptations of manatees?” “What is the first phase of metamorphosis?”

1. Write key words or phrases from a reading selection on index cards. Have students work in small groups. Each student chooses a card and shares facts from the text related to the selected words or phrases.
2. Try Round Robin Retell when you use Artifact Boxes. Students select an item from the box and retell significant facts related to the object.

Reading Strategies: Identify Main Ideas and Support Details, Summarize Information, Paraphrase Ideas, Synthesize Information, Make Generalizations