Meet the New 2006 Whooping Crane Chicks!
Hatch-year 2006 of the Eastern Flock

Crane # 607

Date Hatched

May 13 , 2006



Date of Photo: June 16

Egg Source: ICF

Permanent Leg Bands

Weight 9/06/06: 6.4 kg
  • Read about the naming system, hatch place in Maryland, release site in Wisconsin, over-wintering site in Florida, and leg-band codes.

Personality and History

Migration Training: A funny little bird that ran around like crazy all the time. Could b very nevous for no apparent reason. Followed the costume and trike well and usually screamed all the time. Got hot easily, but did not like the water as a young chick.

He came to Wisconsin for flight school on June 27 in cohort one, the 8 oldest chicks. In July he was able to fly in ground effect, and then lifting off on the wing. By August 15 he was flying up to 10 minutes in large circles over a big pool at the refuge without getting tired.

At flight school he was Bev's favorite. "He hated my puppet and would go out of his way to peck my puppet. It turned out that he had a respiratory infection. We quickly gave him medication and now he's my buddy. He follows me everywhere."

The health checks and banding in early September is always a tough time for the chicks. They are mad at the costumes and upset by the new "jewelry" on their legs. This little guy was the only one who came right back, happy to eat the treats while the other birds pecked at the new radio transmitters on their legs.

First Migration South
: Chick #607 left Wisconsin for his first migration on October 5th, 2006. He was one of the 17 birds who flew the whole first leg of the journey and landed safely at Stopover #1! Read day-by-day news about the flock's migration to see what happens.

Oct 14: To entertain the birds when they were stuck 4 days at Stopover #2, the team gave them some corn cobs. See the photo and Marie's comment about #607!

Oct. 26: When Marie and Bev checked the birds on this no-fly day, #607 was a bit grumpy toward the costume. "He surprised me by aggressively pecking at the puppet head just when I stepped in the pen. The next moment, 606 moved up to 607 and pecked him once. It seemed like 606 was telling 607 to 'chill out' or back off. Later on, 607 performed jump-rake behavior toward the costume. We will keep an eye on him to see if he needs special care or attention.

January 12, 2007: Moving day! Chick #607 followed the ultralight planes Jan. 11 when the pilots tried to move the 18 chicks from the layover site to "Chass." He was one of only 6 birds that cooperated! Hooray! Migration complete.

Feb. 2, 2006: Crane 607 died when violent storms moved through central Florida during the night, killing all 17 chicks in the pen at Chass. Only #615 somehow managed to escape.

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