Monarch Butterfly  Migration

Finally Flying Again! (+23.4 Miles)
October 15, 2006: Migration Day 11


Whoopee! Off to Sauk County, WI
Finally they blew out of Stopover #2! All the birds followed Brooke well on the take-off, but it was soon apparent they would be fighting a headwind all the way to Stopover #3 in Sauk County, WI. Was that what made #606 and #618 turn back? Brooke led with 11 birds while 5 others dropped down to fly off Richard's wing. "At times, the headwinds slowed our ground speed to 17 mph and the geography below seemed to stand still," said Brooke. "We could only hope the birds had the stamina to make it to the next stop." Just as they saw the landing area for Stopover #3, two birds broke off. Chris went after #602, who landed about a mile short of the finish line. Joe went after the other wayward bird, who landed on a hill just 200 yards short of the travel pen at the new site. Chris's bird flew with him after a rest. Joe's bird had to be boxed to ride the short way in Charlie's van. All birds are safely in the pen, 23.4 miles closer to Florida than yesterday!

In the Classroom

  • Trailer with Travel Pen
    Photo Operation Migration

    Today's Journal Question: Today some of the crew will drive to Stopover #4, hauling the second travel pen. They will unload and set up the pen to be ready for the birds' arrival on the next fly day (tomorrow?). Why do you think two travel pens are needed? After you write your answer, listen. Edit your answer if you need to.
  • Migration Math: Flying into a headwind, the flock flew 58 minutes. How many miles per hour did they fly? Adding today's miles, how many miles have they flown so far? How many miles of the 1225-mile journey remain?
  • Record Keeping: Have you updated your Migration Chart?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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