Monarch Butterfly  Migration

Too Windy and Rainy (+0 Miles)
October 28, 2006: Migration Day 24

The tracking van isn't needed today.
Photo Wayne Kryduba

Down Again
Wind and rain in Winnebago County, IL are preventing take-off from Stopover #5 for the fourth day.

The "ultra-cranes" may be grounded, but their wild cousins are not! From the Texas wildlife refuge where they have already been arriving after a 2,500-mile journey from Canada, Tom Stehn reports:"We have perfect migration conditions today (NW winds at 20-30 mph and clear skies) and more cranes should be getting in."

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Brooke said: "By far the most difficult thing about flying with the birds is NOT flying with the birds." What do you think he meant? (What do you think are the difficulties on no-fly days?)

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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