Monarch Butterfly  Migration

No crane-crossing today! (+0 Miles)
November 4, 2006: Migration Day 31

Looking down at Indianapolis, Indiana
A satellite view, 91 miles above Earth (NASA's Worldwinds)

No crane-crossing today!
With south winds blowing--and a large city in the way--the crane gang decided to stay put for another day. The next leg of their journey will be a long one because they can't fly directly over Indianapolis. It's too risky to fly above 35 miles of city landscape, where there are few safe places to land.

This satellite view illustrates the problem. Notice the patchwork pattern of farm country the cranes have been flying over. The city landscape is so different that a satellite can see it 91 miles away. (Can you find some smaller towns, too?)

In the Classroom
How would you illustrate today's news? I am a substitute writer this weekend for our whooping crane editor, Jane Duden. When I heard the pilots' concerns about crossing Indianapolis I wanted to see the view. How about you? Try doing Jane's job yourself by writing your own headlines and making a map or picture to convey the story.



Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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