Monarch Butterfly  Migration

Delay #1 in Morgan County (+0 Miles)
November 13, 2006: Migration Day 40

They are grounded in Morgan County, Indiana by low clouds and strong winds. But we can lift our spirits by picturing yesterday's beautiful escape from Boone County's grip. In Brooke's words:

Marie and Laurie pulled open the pen doors and the birds blasted out behind the trike and followed it in a tight circle around the field, climbing higher and higher in an effort to clear the surrounding trees. Then, as we began another circuit to gain the necessary altitude, Bev, dressed as the Swamp Monster, ran out onto the field at exactly the right moment to scare the low flying stragglers. This gave them just enough incentive to stay with the trike and forget about returning to the pen. The fact is, a good launch is the key to a good flight. . .

Going Nowhere. Photo Operation Migration

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Brooke said a good launch is the key to a good flight. How could you apply Brooke's words to things like your own attitude before you start a game or a project?
  • Craniac Kids in Action: Check out Whooping Crane Central, where students in Ms. Black's class in Canada are working hard to raise money for Operation Migration, and to share what they know about this endangered species. They just heard from an ExxonMobiile representative who wants to talk with them further about the letters their class wrote! WAY TO GO, STUDENTS!!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).

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