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Windy and Rainy (+0 Miles)
November 16, 2006: Migration Day 43

No, make that rainy and windy. Anyway, it's no go. But today Amy from Canada shares how to make this pop-up crane to keep you busy. She sent her crane on migration to Journey North crane headquarters, so at least there's ONE crane migrating today! If you want to track that migrating paper crane's whereabouts, click here and enter this item number: CE 399 359 378 CA

Click here for directions to make Amy's crane!

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Try some migration math. Chris tells us that they carry 10 gallons of fuel in the ultralight's tank. If they fly at 36 mph and burn 3 gallons per hour, how many miles (with no headwinds or tailwinds) can they fly on a full tank? How many minutes can they fly on a tank of gasoline?
  • Western Flock: 219 cranes arrived in Texas! From an airplane on Nov. 15, Tom Stehn found 169 adults and 39 chicks = 208 total, completing a successful migration from the nesting grounds in Canada. That's 52 new arrivals since his count on Nov. 8. New arrivals included 4 pairs with “twin”chicks, and 7 pairs with a single chick. The 39 chicks currently at Aransas makes an all-time high, surpassing the previous high of 34 in 2004. Now 6 sets of “twins” are present, also beating the previous high of 4 sets of twins in 1958. One more set of twins with parents has been at in northern Kansas at least through November 15 and 4 adults were in central Kansas on November 13th. None of these cranes would have had time to reach Aransas by Tom's Nov. 15th flight, so they're on their way! The family group that is stained brown on the legs and bellies that may have walked into a pond containing an oily substance was not found on today’s flight and may not yet have arrived at Aransas.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP). Copyright 2006 Journey North. All Rights Reserved.
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