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Hello KENTUCKY! (+51.5 Miles)
November 18, 2006: Migration Day 45

Celebrate gains TWO days in a row! Now they're in Kentucky, but they were airborne for 22 minutes before all the birds were finally settled down on course. Here's that beautiful sight:

In the Air Again!
Photo 2006 Chris Gullikson, Operation Migration

For most of the scrambled time after take-off, Brooke led one lagging bird around in circles overhead. But eventually 5 formed up on Joe's wing and 12 on Richard's. Cruising at almost 2,000 feet they spread out over a mile or so. They landed in Shelby County, Kentucky 1 hour and 45 minutes after 300 lucky people watched them take off from their final stop in Indiana. Joe summed up everyone's relief: "After 18 days we are finally out of Windy-ana." GO CRANES!

In the Classroom

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