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Hello, TENNESSEE! (+63.4 Miles)
November 22, 2006: Migration Day 49

Things are getting edgy. Today's flight from Kentucky into Tennessee was a success because all birds made it to the new landing site, but four tired birds had to be guided from above by the ultralights. The air was so rough that the pilots couldn't safely descend to lead the birds. "Wild, rough and scary" was Joe's verdict as he called it the worst flight this year. Their next flight to Hiwassee Wildlife Area will mean an exhausting climb over high ridges. What will it bring? Stay tuned.

Find the cranes in the lead and third positions. What do you notice about their beaks?
Photo Operation Migration

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: See the cranes in the #1 and #3 positions in the photo above. What do you notice about their beaks? What are two possible explanations? Based on clues in today's report, which do you think is most likely?
  • Map the Migration: Use our map or make your own with this migration data.

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