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Standing Down Again (+0 Miles)
November 24, 2006: Migration Day 51

On the second delay day in the shadow of Cumberland Ridge, the team woke to clear skies but aloft would face a 24 mph headwind. They will wait for another day to face "the Beast." The Class of 2006 has logged 675 of their 1,228 migration miles. They are 54%, more than half way to their Florida wintering grounds. In other good news, Crane #516 has arrived at the flock's Florida winter home; read his life story and you'll see why this is such exciting news!

A second day off for the crane-kids.
Photo Operation Migration

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Read the account of the 2002 crossing of the Cumberland Plateau and tell why you think the pilots call it "the Beast."
  • Migration History: On November 20, only 12 Whooping Cranes (5 pairs and 2 DAR juveniles) remained at the Wisconsin summer home. The history-making migration of the flock's First Family began on Nov. 19. And on Nov. 23, the mystery of the First Family's missing second chick was finally solved. What happened.

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