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Day 9,672?? (+0 Miles)
November 29, 2006: Migration Day 56

This morning Joe Duff jokinging said, "Today is Day 9,672 of the migration" but he wasn't joking when he said "and nobody's getting off the ground." Winds from the high pressure system over the Carolinas caused another no-fly day. It's day 7 in the shadow of Tennessee's looming Cumberland Ridge.

Migration Progress of the Ultra-crane Graduates
Yesterday we updated you on the bigger Western flock's progress. Now here's news of the 65 other Whooping Cranes in the new migratory flock: Only 12 have not yet begun migration. They include five pairs and two DAR juveniles. Here's where the Eastern flock cranes are: Wisconsin (12), Illinois (2), Indiana (16), Tennessee (1), Florida (18), and undetermined (16).

Photo Operation Migration

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Do you wonder what happened to the stained crane family in the Western flock? We've added an update for you. After you read it, answer: What else did you learn about this family? How does it compare to the only family (so far) in the Eastern Flock? (Jump here for the latest news on the family if you've seen the rest of the slide show.)
  • Migration History: The longest the team has been held up in Cumberland County was in 2004. They were grounded four days, so another record has fallen. Where were they on this date last year?

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