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Can't Win (+0 Miles)
November 30, 2006: Migration Day 57

It's another warm (66 degrees), rainy grounder in Cumberland County, TN. The winds aloft are roaring from the south at 36 mph. On the ground the winds are strong and gusting. The birds in the pen are on day 8 of waiting to cross a high, risky obstacle: Cumberland Ridge.

Photo Operation Migration, Nov. 2006

Mrs. Black's students finished the first 5 paper mache cranes for their Touchdown Party.

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: In the first three ultralight-led migrations, the pilots used the same stopover sites. They changed the location of the Cumberland County, TN stopover site in 2004. Why do you think they did this? After you think about it, click here for more.
  • Migration History: Fill in the blank: Last year on this date the migration crossed the border into _____ after __ days of weather delays at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge (our next stop).

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