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Last Day of Waiting? (+0 Miles)
December 1, 2006: Migration Day 58

The team begins the month of December still in Cumberland County, TN but tomorrow's weather finally looks promising for flight. It's day 9 of waiting to cross the challenging Cumberland Ridge. Meanwhile, students in one Canadian classroom have emptied their class coin jar. Where is the money going? Click on the photo below for more photos of their real-life crane cash math lesson!

Mrs. Black's students finished another 10 paper mache cranes for their Touchdown Party.

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: in Wisconsin, direct release chicks #27-06 and #32-06 finally began their first migration! Click on their links to answer: Who is leading the way? How far did they go on their first day?
  • Migration History: Has the migration ever been stalled any SINGLE place as long as the 9 days so far this year? See Operation Migration's graphs to count and see.

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