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Hello GEORGIA (+73.4 Miles)
December 3, 2006: Migration Day 60

Whew. It was another long, wild flight day — but they made it to Gordon County, Georgia! To his surprise, the birds let Richard's lead trike fly by twice before they decided to take off with him. And then some changed their minds and turned back, in spite of swamp monster's efforts. All the pilots had their hands full! In the end, 15 birds flew the distance while #601, #604 and #618 had to be boxed and driven. (See photo.)

Photo Operation Migration

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Hiwassee Refuge is a great place for cranes, but why do YOU think the birds were so reluctant to take off today? (Think about yesterday and the previous 9 days as you form your answer.)

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