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Time Out (+0 Miles)
December 4, 2006: Migration Day 61

It's a clear, cool, no-fly day in Gordon County, Georgia. Light winds blow on the ground, but 30+ mph winds aloft are keeping them grounded. Tomorrow's forecast looks better. How many miles of progress did the movin' migration make in the past two days? Hooray!

In the Classroom

  • Migration Math: In 61 days, the birds flew these distances (see table, below).
    On how many days have they flown?

    (b-for-Bonus) What will Mrs. Black's students be writing on their chart after the most recent flight? (Click on photo below to read the total kilometers to the winter home.)

Mrs. Black's students in Canada record migration progress in kilometers.
Date Miles Flown
Oct. 5 04.0
Oct. 10 18.1
Oct. 15 23.4
Oct. 23 48.7
Oct. 24 39.6
Oct. 29 62.7
Nov. 1 96.4
Nov. 3 49.4
Nov. 12 56.3
Nov. 17 58.9
Nov. 18 51.5
Nov. 19 48.2
Nov. 21 56.9
Nov. 22 63.4
Dec. 2 47.2
Dec. 3 73.4


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