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Stalled by Winds (+0 Miles)
December 6, 2006: Migration Day 63

Strong winds out of the south in Pike County, Georgia mean that a trip to the next stop would take about four hours. No go. But it looks good for a fly day tomorrow!

Yesterday tail winds helped the birds skip right over a stop and and reach the next. What message do Mrs. Black's craniacs send today? And what special event will happen at their school tomorrow?

In the Classroom

  • Mrs. Black's students in Canada keep track of their cranes. How is YOUR crane doing?

    Today's Journal Question: Compare progress today with the cranes from Dec. 6, 2005 and Dec. 6 2004.
    Write a statement that compares the progress.
    (b-for-Bonus) Predict the date for the 2006 border crossing into Florida! What did you consider when making your prediction?
  • Record Keeping: Have you updated your Migration Chart?

  • Migration Math: After yesterday's amazing flight, Mrs. Black's class wrote 1454 kms. flown and 522 kms. left to go. What is the distance in miles?

Several crane life story pages have been updated with new notes or photos. Has yours?

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