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Take-off and Landing (+0 Miles)
December 7, 2006: Migration Day 64

Zero miles? Right. With all 18 birds, today's lead pilot Chris took took off, met up with bumpy air, and turned back to the stopover in Pike County, Georgia. They had tailwinds, but too strong for safe flying. They'll wait until tomorrow in hopes of more favorable conditions. Be sure to see today's Migration History for something important about getting ready for the birds' arrival in Florida.

Landed and being walked to the pen. Photo Operation Migration. 2006.

In the Classroom

  • Each bird has a 7-foot wingspan. They may fly only 1 foot apart.

    Photo Chris Gullikson, Operation Migration

    Today's Journal Question: What is the greatest danger of flying ultralights with birds in bumpy air? Look at the photo to help you think.
  • Migration History: Getting ready in Florida. Last year a big change in the birds' "finish line" was made. It will happen again this year.
    What is the change?
    (b-for-Bonus) How could the situation at that layover site be a little different this year, when the 2005 birds remember being there? What reason might there be for the pilots to change this site in the future?

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP). Copyright 2006 Journey North. All Rights Reserved.
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