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Grounded Again (+0 Miles)
December 8, 2006: Migration Day 65

The team on the ground in Pike County for another day. A cold front and high pressure system sitting over the eastern seaboard is causing 25 to 30mph winds out of the NNE at crane-flight altitude. But stay with us— and see what a student told a TV camera crew visiting Mrs. Black's classroom yesterday:

"I am interested in the whooping
cranes because they are endangered. We want to get them off the Endangered Species List... and I want to tell my children that I helped!"

By Tallon (Grade 2-3, Orillia, ON) Dec. 7, 2006

A-Channel News Education Reporter Rick Clendinning and his cameraman visited Mrs. Black's classroom Dec. 7. They are looking at Jouney North reports! The whole class will be on TV to share their Journey North and Operation Migration Whooping crane adventures! More>>

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: Workers are busy getting the pensite at the Halpata-Tastanaki Preserve in Marion County, FL ready for the Class of 2006. Yesterday you read about this new layover site where the crane-kids will stay BEFORE they go to their final winter home at "Chass." Look at the photos below and then answer:
    What helps keep the crane-kids safe in the first winter in their new home?
    (b-for-Bonus) From what do the young cranes need protection?
    (Hear Ranger Jennifer's audio clip.)

What equipment is this worker using? (Click to enlarge)

Photo WCEP

Layover Pen in Marion County, FL where the crane-kids will land first.

USFWS Billy Brooks

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