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A Far-flying, Leap-frogging Day (+99 Miles)
December 9, 2006: Migration Day 66

The team flew nearly 100 miles today! With a light, 3-5 mph headwind, the flight lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. But the sailing was smooth so they decided to skip the Marion County stop-over site--at mile 55--and traveled all the way to Terrell County, GA. Chris led with 15 birds, Joe followed with 2, and Brooke with 1.

Pilot Doug Rounds flew top cover today. He is an experienced Delta Airlines pilot so the birds were in safe hands. The top cover pilot talks with air traffic controllers to clear the way for the birds. Our cranes and planes are flying in busy skies. As the map below shows, there are some 4,000 aircraft in U.S. airspace at any moment!

Who's flying right now? Click map for a live view!



How many planes can you count?
This map shows airport traffic around Atlanta, Georgia.

In the Classroom
Look and Listen!
Explore the live air-traffic links below and you'll understand why the top cover pilot's job is so important.

  • Look: How many planes are flying over your head right now? Where are they coming from and where are they going? Find out at the Flightaware website.
  • Listen: You can hear pilots as they talk to air traffic controllers on live aviation radio. (For example, listen to pilots on their final approach to New York's JFK airport, some of the busiest airspace in the world!)

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