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Still in Terrell County, GA (+0 Miles)
December 12, 2006: Migration Day 69

Gusty headwinds at 2000 feet are grounding the team in Terrell County, GA. again. They seem stuck at 1,001.9 miles, but they hope that changes tomorrow! But here's good news: All four direct-release chicks arrived in Florida Dec. 8 and the First Family arrived Dec. 9.

DAR27-06 and DAR32-06 in Florida on Dec. 10.
Photo Tally Love, ICF Tracking Team

In the Classroom

  • Today's Journal Question: When cranes 523 and 524 arrived in Florida on Nov. 22, where did they check in? Why do you think they went there? What problems could arise if they (and more cranes from 2005) want to stay in that place?

(a) How many days longer has this migration lasted than the shortest migration?
(b-for-Bonus) What is the average length (number of days) of the past 5 migrations? What is your predicted date of arrival now?

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