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Why Not Drive? (+0 Miles)
December 14, 2006: Migration Day 71

Another no-fly day. Joe Duff said the heavy fog had not lifted as of 11:30 am, and they'd have to stay in Terrell County, GA yet another day. This morning's weather map showed dense fog over much of the southern U.S. Find the cranes' location and you'll see they were in the thick of it!

Out of 71 migration days, only 18 have been suitable for travel. The team is exhausted and funds are short. Individual cranes are often trucked from one stopover to the next. So, why not drive all of the birds the short distance remaining? This is a common question. Joe Duff explains why he believes it's so important for cranes to fly the migration route themselves.

In the Classroom

  • Reading Strategy: Make a Prediction
    Why not put the cranes in a truck and drive the final miles? Before you read Joe's explanation, predict what he will say. Next, read the selection Why Not Truck the Birds on No-fly Days?, then describe Joe's reasons in your own words.
  • How else could the cranes get to Florida? Draw or describe a transport vehicle that would meet most of the cranes' needs, as Joe describes them.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure presented in cooperation with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP). Copyright 2006 Journey North. All Rights Reserved.
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